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Pat Barnicott Patricia Barnicott nee Hollingworth who is living at Bowness on Windermere with her husband, writes:  I attended Caius from 1947 – 49 when the girls were out numbered by the boys by about 70 to 200. My husband and I were staying with old friends at East Preston, West Sussex in July 2000. My friend showed me a cutting in the Evening Argus asking for ex-pupils to contact Alan Gibson. I did so and was kindly invited to his house with my husband. Imagine my surprise, utter amazement and delight when I discovered he had invited ex-pupils who remembered me to join us. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colin Grassick Colin Gassick left in 1961, then in  the 70s fell into the computer business,. In 1974 I went to live in Australia and worked at placing computer personnel.  This is where I met my first wife. I have been married for 13 years to my second wife and live in a leafy suburb of Sydney. I established a recruiting firm called the focus Group Then I sold out to my partner and joined a P.A. Consulting Group for nine years then returned to working for myself. I am semi-retired but still do an occasional recruiting assignment. Our house is twenty minutes north of Sydney, backing onto National Park/bush. We occasionally have a few wallabies feeding in the back garden and feed the Kookaburras and Lorikeets by hand. Yes there are the odd snakes and deadly spiders about, but what’s life without a little danger? (*Beats feeding Lewis’s goat & Tony the Pony I suppose. Ed) I would like to hear from anyone I was at school or worked with. My address is 42 Whitehave St, St Ives, N.S.W 2075, Aus.  e-mail:   cgc@bigpond.net.au -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wendy Oliver Wendy Oliver left 1961- I am still playing the flute, piccolo and sometimes the double base. I played the piccolo in Boston with the Corps of Drums Society Patriots Day Tour last April. I have recently retuned from Hanover playing for the War Graves Commission with The Wessex Military Band. My sister still lives in Shoreham and my brother in Hampshire. I am an accountant for a charity in Dover. The next time I am in Sussex, I shall probably be playing at Littlehampton Carnival week. I am still in contact with Allison McNab and Josephine Crossley. I may not be able to get to the reunion if the band needs me. My partner of 19 years also belongs to the same bands. When marching she plays Bell Lyre. Apart from my Accounting qualification I did a couple of music diplomas (external) and a P.G.C.E. (I never did know what I wanted to do when I grew up.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ann Davey Ann Davey left in 1952- I am married and live in a suburb of Athens near the Olympic Stadium. My husband and I have an electronics business called S.L.S which exhibits its products in many countries world wide. We manufacture professional sound and lighting equipment. Currently we are working in Germany. I have one daughter who studied at Imperial College, graduating in October 2001 and is presently working in London. (Perhaps you could combine a visit to your daughter with the reunion in April. We would love to see you Ed.) _____________________________________________ Robert Delacour  (Delico) Robert Delacour left in 1961. I married  Marion in 1964 after meeting at a friend’s 21st in Freddy Mills night club London.We are still together (and they said it wouldn’t last). We have 3 children; 1 daughter Claudine and 2 sons Richard and Robert. Claudine is  living abroad in Spain and our eldest son is living locally. Our youngest son loves travelling and has just returned to the UK from wandering the world and staying a few years in New Zealand. We are proud grandparents of 5 grandchildren, the eldest being 18 and the youngest 1 year old. After leaving School I did a lot of fill in jobs to get by at first then fell in to the Casino business in 1965, which took me to many interesting and exotic places throughout the world, finally settling down back in Hove in the late 70s. In 1984 I opened my own business rebuilding and repairing automatic gearboxes. We moved from Hove to Woods Mill near Henfield in 1989 because Marion wanted a bigger garden,  (she always gets what she wants. That’s the secret of a lengthy and happy partnership). I am hoping for partial retirement in 2007 to devote more time to travelling the country and the world in my new toy,  a Motorhome. I am a serving committee member of the Caius Old Boys and Girls Association,  in fact the treasurer (people never learn do they?). I love meeting old colleagues and friends and dining out, or even in, with them. If you feel you would like to keep in touch my e-mail is  rdelacour@agc.uk.com ________________________________________________ AlaN Gibson and Jacky Coe Jacky entered Caius in 1947 and I went as a boarder in 1949.  Two years later we started to pass notes between us, we were just 13 years old.   Anyone who was there at that time will know that although a co-ed school we were not allowed to mix.  We started to see one another in the holidays and the romance blossomed.  In the later days of our time at Caius we often got a mention at assembly “Gibson and Coe this has got to stop!” On leaving Caius Jacky went to Secretarial School and was a PA to a partner of an Estate Agent in Brighton.  I left a year later and went to Brighton Technical College to complete a 2 year course in Hotel Management; I had been brought up in my family hotel. At this time National Service would soon beckon so I took a position at Claridge’s in Mayfair considered at then to be London’s leading Hotel.  Jacky had already started to commute daily to an Office in Regent Street and although we travelled at different times and trains we were sometimes able to meet.  After a year I went into the Army Catering Corps and was fortunate to become a Commissioned Officer.  Although having been well trained in  catering I found myself stuck at the Corps HQ because in those days I was a bit of a sportsman.  I played football, rugby, cricket and basketball for the Brigade and was officer in charge of several other sports.  I never left Aldershot in the 2 years I was in the service. During this time Jacky took up an offer from her father to go to America.  John Coe who was at Caius for a time had been to a New England College on a year’s exchange and had contacts there, on of whom became Jacky’s sponsor.  She worked in New York for 6 months and then travelled with two friends she had made by Greyhound bus up to a cousin in Canada and then down to Mexico and finished in San Francisco.  The trip took 6 weeks and was a great experience.  After spending 3 months in SF she returned home a couple of months before I was demobbed.  On her returned we became engaged and married a year later in 1961 when we were both 22. On leaving the army my father-in-law invited me to join his family business in George Street Hove retailing meat, fish, poultry and game, Jacky was already in the business as cashier and company Secretary.   I said I would ‘give it a go’ and stayed in the business for 22 years before we sold the freehold premises when Mr. Coe was ready for retirement.   At this time we had 3 children Nicola, Lisa and a late comer Matthew now 43, 42 and 33 respectively and all married.   We bought another business in the same street, another in Southwick Square and another in Brighton.  We retired 4 years ago and have lived overlooking Hove Park for the last 33 years with our daughter Lisa, her husband Paul and our 3 grandchildren living the other side of the park.  I am still involved with national trade federations and local associations and this keeps me busy. One of the best things that has happened in our life was meeting up with old friends at the first Caius Reunion in 1996; after which we were so excited and talked about it all night.  Many we hadn’t seen for 40 years.  We haven’t missed a reunion since then and have enjoyed every one.  I waselected the first Pudding Master of the Spotted Dick Club that consists of 6 old Caius boarders and their wives, the treacle tarts,who are now amongst our closest friends.  We try to meet up 4 or 5 times a year and keep in close contact.  I believe that we are one of 3 couples who met at Caius, the Purseys and Andrews being the others.  We have much to be thankful to the old school and we have very happy memories. You may contact either Jacky or myself on         alan.h.gibson@ntlworld.com ______________________________________________ Malcolm Dunne Caius 1949-1954 I left school and worked for seven years at the Daily Express and other publishing houses before I joined the Metropolitan Police Force, serving thirty years and meeting several ex pupils from Caius during this time, after which I retired and became a Security Manager at Heathrow Airport for a further five years. I was made redundant because the Management Consultant decided that no one stole at the Airport. After three months I was invited back because of the losses. I declined and joined Alliance Unichem. Latterly in my semi-retirement I carry our consultancy work on behalf of various Police Forces and the Highway Agency. I have been married to Elaine for 42 years and have two sons and two grandsons ( who keep me young ). I have always enjoyed “amdram” which is where I met my wife, and over the recent years I have been a film and TV extra participating in various and varied roles, my next being in a Stephen Polikov drama for Thames TV “ Capturing Mary” to be shown later this year, and no, I do not play Mary!. I was involved in the inaugural set up of the Caius Old Boys and Girls Association and have been the Secretary from day one.  One of my greatest joys has been meeting up on a regular basis with old comrades and school chums. I hope what we have started   will roll on and on. my e-mail address is    malcolm@dunne.go-plus.net _______________________________________________ Leslie Blunt nee Robinson On leaving school  at sixteen I went to secretarial college and then worked at the  Shoreham  Harbour Board until I  married Roger  in 1965.  We  had  two   lovely  daughters  now aged 39 and 37. Both are  married  and have each  given us  two  wonderful granddaughters.  I have played badminton for years and compete in matches for my various clubs (my  competitive streak is still alive!). Something I learnt at Caius.  Roger and I enjoy lovely holidays abroad, which keep us going throughout the year.  It  has been  great to meet  up  each  year at  the  Caius  Reunion and  renew  old  acquaintances, I have also been co-opted  to serve on the Caius  committee, which I do enjoy. Hope you will all be there this year. ______________________________________________ Roger Dice Manchester was not an attractive place in 1946 and most city schools were bomb-damaged. My parents found a school at a place called Caius House in Urmston, out towards Cheshire way. I was six – going on seven – and recall hating every minute of it, making any excuse not to get on the bus (or was it a tram?) by feigning every available illness from the common cold to scarlet fever! My misery did not last long however, as my father was posted to Portsmouth within nine months of our arrival amongst the ‘dark, satanic mills’ and I could look forward to fresh sea air and new bombsites to play on. Our move south coincided with that of the Lewis family to Shoreham and as the ‘Old Man’ was intending to start a boarding school – naming it after the old house in Urmston – it seemed only natural that he should suggest to my parents that they take advantage of his offer for me to become the first boarder. So, just before my eighth birthday a small band of us settled, happily, into boarding school life. All thoughts of ‘common colds’ and ‘scarlet fever’ were forgotten. There followed eight years of contentment, forging friendships that have lasted a lifetime. On leaving Caius in 1955 I attended Brighton Technical College to ‘Advance’ my education but was not overly successful in that direction. I then joined the Army – something I had intended to do all my life. I saw service in Gibraltar, Malta and Libya with the 1st Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment. My army ‘buddy’ persuaded me that the police was a better option than signing on for further service, so, over a few beers in a corrugated iron bar in Tobruk, we agreed to join together. Thus I joined the Brighton Police – later to amalgamate with the Sussex Police. (Incidentally my ‘buddy’ never did turn up – he became a mental nurse instead!) I served in all specialist departments (except Traffic!) including 18 years CID experience and being in the right place (or wrong place!) at the right time I managed to become a Divisional Commander retiring after thirty-two years in 1991. I had over-run my ‘contract’ by two years but a triple heart bypass persuaded me that perhaps such an enjoyable, stressful, exciting way of life was definitely for younger men! Since retirement I spend my time between sailing, experimenting with computer graphics, walking dogs – and drinking with Old Caiusians!   R.I.P Roger __________________________________________ Eric Leveille Unfortunately I do not remember when I first started at Caius, all I remember is when I left in 1959. I returned home and I was called up for my military service. At this time France was at war in Algeria and the compulsory enlistment was at that time 28 months.”I was posted there after joining the Marines and unfortunately many of the friends I made returned to France in body bags.” I returned to civilian life in April 1962. Married in 1967 to Henriette, we had 4 children 3 boys, 1 girl born in 1968-71-73-78, now we have 4 grandchildren 3 girls & 1 boy. From 1962 to 75, I was working for a Scandinavian Airline (SAS) in France and I was appointed station Manager at Paris Orly airport. I joined another company as Operation manager (Korean Airlines) this was about 1980.Then I decided to try the other side of the passenger and freight business, so I joined several other companies and as an expatriate, I was able to secure the position of company representative specializing in heavy item transportation for turnkey projects, in Algeria, (yes back to this country after what happened there in then sixties it was not easy). Iraq, United States, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, India, and some other countries for shorter periods of time. (By the way when in Saudi Arabia, I  met Kald KANOO, does anyone remember him? I retired in January 2005, and I am glad everything is over, it seems that I have even more things to do now than when I was in active employment, I have been living in Paris until 1975, then I moved and I now live between Lyon and Granola, that’s about 550 kilometers from Paris, the quality of life is better here, not too far away from the sea and to the mountains. I used do a lot of scuba diving which I learned whilst in the Navy, and I also love sailing. Now I have to take care of our house, and there is so much work to do, painting, the garden, the swimming pool, and so on. My main activity is hunting during the authorized season, and twice weekly shooting, rifle long range and handguns also combat shooting. Keeping in practice. Well this is just a brief summary, of my life since leaving Caius and I am Looking forward to meeting you all again on the 21st April at the reunion
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